Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Home" sweet home...

If you really want to enjoy this post please download the track "resilience" of lemony snickets movie and only then continue...else u would spoil what is going to be a thought provoking post...

Here it starts,

I defied it, I denied it, I thought against it, away from it, I even tried to tell others to disobey the call of it, but "it" I believe now is the ultimate truth or beautiful thing.

Because of "IT" your eyes closed, you lay down...no one can wake you up...may be you are watching the rest weeping near "earlier" you, may be you laugh at them may be you feel sorry for them...may be you are clothed may be you are naked...may be you dont have any form...but can you imagine the peace of the mind when you die?

I feel that "it" is the only friend a human has...still human runs away from her...but sometimes it calls...it called some in my college atleast...I had always said no to that call...you have also said no thats why you are alive reading this post...why have you done it? what holds you? what prevents you from the "home" of the ludo of life. For me it was my ambition and desire for success...for some might be love...for some might be ignorance...for some might be fear...for some just wanted to prove their bravery in struggling which is stupid...but if we register our feelings and we are not faking...we might remember when it called us...and what prevented us.

How do you feel about "IT" calling?
and what prevented you?