Friday, June 29, 2007

Who is your role model?

Once my class X teacher accused me of being arrogant when I replied I had no role model. The way she interpreted my statement was that ... let me report you what she actually said...

She said,
"Out of so many great people,
so many leaders revolutionaries,
so many successful people
from the entire race of humans
which includes your parents
you can't find a single person whom you want to be like?"

as she was chanting above statements the class looked at me as though I was standing there naked. Its obvious that everyone has a role model how can this one not have one. Its mandatory to have one and even if you don't have one you will find one slowly through your friends, teachers, parents and even media the one whom you want to be like, the one who is a sample example for you to follow and the one whose name you will say when someone asks you this question to avoid the kind of looks I was facing. Seriously how can any one not have a role model when the answer of this very question is told the child when he is in nursery for his moral-science exam.
"My god!Have you forgotten the answer Anshul!" the looks from class pierced and inquired, "Come on say Mahatma Gandhi or Einstein or your father" and suggested, "OK say the name of the guy who topped class X last year".

I was standing there like a fool as I said the truth.
No, I dont have any role model.
And Yes I don't find anyone whom I want to replicate.

I am sorry everyone but I could not find anyone till date whom I admire, its not that i don't admire great works, but I cant find anyone as a model for me. Even when I entered into an institute(IIT) where people dream being to, my friends called cream, butter, chhaaas etc etc of the nation found their role models in the seniors they had their fanaticism for. Many of them are role models themselves now for the new entrants to the factory of IIT. And all of them are doing the work exactly what their role model did who did exactly what his role model did who did what his role model did...till you can imagine (And interestingly some deny that they are trying copying the God of their extent of dreams)

Till now I dont have the answer to the question that everyone else answered. Is this some kind of disease? But I don't want to cure it. So this might be an addiction. I am addicted to be me unlike all other normal people who have the ability to praise someone and see good they can use
from the life of their role model. I guess I love being abnormal.

So finally the question is ...Are you addicted or normal?
diagnose yourself truthfully and then comment.
Truthfully please.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

how old are you?

This being my first shud have started with a warm hello to all. But i suppose its late now and i have already started typing. Neways my first blog is for ppl who write and are known as writers. Have a look at the following assertion:-

Assertion:-A writer is as old as the number of writers bloc he has had.
Reason:- A writers bloc is a state of a writer in which whatever he thinks cant fulfill what he is looking for. Whatever ideas he gets seem compromising rather than promising. Slowly he gets into a state where he feels that his mind has stopped thinking and being creative. The reason for such bloc is he wants to break free from a cocoon hence he is asking his mind to give him something that even he cant believe its his own. He wants to create something thats unique and he hasn't explored so far. Hence after clearing the bloc he has aged as a writer. More writers bloc you have had older you are.

I recently had my 2nd major writers bloc. So I am young and only two blocs old.
By the way how old are you?