Tuesday, February 22, 2011

khoda pahaad...nikla chutiya

"Oh...man oh man oh man..."
-Kevin Spacey (american beauty)
The above lines were said by Kevin spacey in the film American beauty when he realised his true inner self. (2 seconds later he was shot by a homosexual).

Recently I was given so much time to think about me, I started discovering myself. Yeah I know its a cliche...

But guess what as I got to know myself, My reaction is..."Oh Shit"...

Usually knowing oneself is considered a positive experience by all. But hey...what if you dont like what you discover inside u. Its kind of funny...right.

I realised that my sense of humor comes from a cynic that sleeps inside me, I realised that my wit comes from an arrogant Napoleon who keeps coming out once every year. I realised my helpfulness and kindness come from a marylyn monroe who strives for limelight. I figured that my creativity comes from an escapist still trapped inside. I understood that all my achievements where a by product of my wish to belittle others. I am a prankster because I am a sadist who likes to be in control. I got to know that my easy going attitude and my adjusting nature comes from a loner who has lost all his friends.

So what the fuck..."khoda pahaad nikla chutiya"...I am here just laughing and hating my true inner self. I guess the journey of soul searching is highly over rated...I mean what would u do if u do not like the person you find inside.

You cant run away because thats what you are...damn!!! wtf.

That was a good one you imbecile GOD. This round also goes to u...